Яйцо оптом

Our company offers poultry egg from the manufacturer. We are producers of natural chicken eggs. The date of foundation of our poultry farm is April 1967. In 5 years, a successful enterprise was created from scratch, and already in 1971 the first products were received. 

Since 1999 the poultry farm contains a breed of white Lohmann, chickens from Germany. This breed is characterized by high productivity, up to 340 eggs per year from laying hens. In 2005 production was modernized. The production building of the Big Dutchman five-tier equipment was completed. During 2010 another 9 production complexes were reconstructed. The production of eggs enriched with vitamin A («Derevenskoye») has been mastered.

In 2011, as part of improving product quality, an MOBA OMNIJA-XF 330 egg sorting machine with a capacity of 120 thousand eggs per hour was installed in the finished goods warehouse. Now the livestock is more than 750 thousand laying hens and about 300 thousand young. 

Currently, the company holds a benchmark on modern poultry technology and poultry production. Poultry meat production includes the sale of chicken meat of categories 1 and 2, chicken legs, breasts and chicken fillet, offal, minced chicken.

Now meat and eggs are sold in the Siberian, Central, Ural Federal District, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Mongolia. We are ready to supply our products to Europe and Asia.